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Fun Times

It has been a busy few months here in our new house πŸ™‚ The birds settled in well however it took a lot longer for the cat to feel at home.
Today I finished work early so when I came home I decided, before I let our furry friend out I would let our feathered friends run around the lounge room and have a play seeing they hadn’t been able to for a while. This was the fun that followed.






Meeko and Sunny

It has been two years since we lost Meeko and we miss him every day. But we also miss all our past feathered friends including Moo, Coco and Sunny who is also in this video.

Sunny wasn’t close to me and tried to bite me a lot but that was because my wife got her when I was away with work for a few months. Sunny wasn’t close to me but I still loved her all the same.


This video was taken of Sol within a couple of months of him coming home with us. This was almost two years ago πŸ™‚

I’m trying something different and have uploaded this video of Buddy to YouTube and posted this post all from a mobile device. Maybe this is a way for me to be more active and share our flocks adventures.

Chippy Monster

Buddy loves his chips however he doesn’t have them often.
At the start of the video you can hear Marco call out her name.


A few nights ago Buddy decided he didn’t want to go to bed and instead put on his own made facinator πŸ˜†


Fun times

Sol’s latest discovery and fun πŸ™‚ The hoodie! πŸ˜‰

Sol has wings!

Now you are all reading the title and thinking “Of course Sol has wings…he’s a bird!”

It has been a long break between posts but I return with some good news.

Sol has finally learnt to fly! And now that I think about it, from when we bought him home in June last year (approx 4 months old) he is now also one year old. One year old and only just learnt to fly. I know this is a long time but with the damage and stunted growth of his feathers from PBFD I honestly never thought he would be able to fly at all. Each day he tries he flies higher and further around the room with Marco. He still hasn’t quite mastered the landing. If anyone remembers the 80’s show “The greatest American hero”…its a bit like that, he gets into the air, flies around the room but his landings are terrible πŸ™‚

But most of all he likes to fly to me to have a good roll around on the couch or floor, heΒ loves to play. He has also developed an obsession with my mobile phone…if he sees it he has to guard it and not let anyone, myself included touch it. I think he has just unlocked the development part of his brain in the last few weeks because he has learnt to fly and he is rapidly learning to talk.

There is no stopping Sol at the moment.

Sol trying to get my phone

Sol trying to get my phone

Sol after a bath

Sol after a bath

A new year and a new start…again. It’s been a long and busy few months for us and our feathered friends. We have been living is Sydney, Australia for the last two years and just before Christmas we made a move interstate to Victoria. We spent weeks preparing and packing up the house and the birds houses for the big move.

We all piled in the car and went on a road trip, it was interesting being in a car for 10 hours with three screaming excited birds :). It’s not the first time we have taken our birds on a road trip, we once did a drive from Darwin to Sydney with three birds and our rat, that trip took five days! Although it was exciting to be travelling again there was a bit of sadness in the trip. We were leaving the house we had been in when our special bird Meeko left us. After he died we had him cremated, we couldn’t have his ashes and box packed away in shipping boxes so he made the trip with us in the car. It was a sad time because he loved travelling in the car and would always be the loudest and most excited one on the whole trip.

We arrived out or destination but then found out our things weren’t arriving for another week (after Christmas). Our feathered friends were not at all happy with having to spend an extra week in their travel cages, especially Buddy. We finally moved in and the birds have settled well. Sol has now started talking and and imitating Marco, he also loves sticking his head in his bowls and cardboard tube and making weird noises, it is hilarious to watch and listen to. We may however have to rename Sol and call him Houdini because he has now figured out how to flick up the door on his Sleeping/travel cage and let himself out!

Good news everybody!

A couple of weeks ago our feathered friends had a sleep over at the vets for a few days while my wife and I were away. They had a good time with all the other birds but were happy to see us when we picked them up πŸ™‚

The good news however is that six weeks ago we had Sol re-tested for PBFD and finally he has some good results. He is not completely clear of PBFD but he has built up enough immunity Β to the disease to allow him to finally be able to interact physically with Buddy and Marco. As soon as we got them home the cage doors flew open and all three jumped out. Sol is the friendliest and most playful bird I have ever known so, as soon as he was out he was hoping across the room to get to Marco. Marco is very interested in Sol but after his initial over enthusiastic interaction with Marco she is keeping her distance a bit. Marco can fly to get away but Sol can’t fly yet so she gets away easily πŸ™‚ Β Buddy on the other hand was asserting his authority (and jealousy) straight away and whenever Sol got close enough, Buddy tried to bite him. Poor Sol being so full of life is shocked by Buddy’s behaviour and always looks like his feelings have been shattered.

They have all been having a ball with each other since. Now that Sol’s cage is right next to Marco’s he has been watching her and learning how to eat like a bird and Β now seems to know that the vegetables we have been giving him every night for the last five months are for eating and not just picking up and dropping to the floor of his cage.

Now the next big challenge for our three feathered friends is our interstate move in a few weeks time. This will be Buddy’s third interstate move, Marco’s second and Sol’s first πŸ™‚